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RW Football School

Where did it all begin......

RW Football School all began when Ray & Will who became friends from coaching at Devizes Town Youth FC. Whilst out enjoying a few drinks with the other coaches from DTYFC, we got on to the conversation of the current situation of coaching within the Devizes area, we felt there were holiday clubs for most other sports locally but not Football, which we felt very strange due to how many players are involved in local grassroots football. With a similar drive and enthusiasm to succeed on and off the pitch, a few conversations and the help from some friends over the next couple of months we decided to start RW Football School, this was where we can offer a solution to parents during school holidays who find it difficult to juggle work and child care or have a child having a love as much as we do towards football, we now have great solution for both parent and child.

This is just the start for RW Football School as we are planning on building a relationship within the local area and then we are looking to offer more football coaching sessions for the Devizes area. So watch this space.

To be continued………

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Main Goals

Have Fun!!!

Our first goal is to make sure that every player that comes to our sessions has fun, we believe by having fun you learn more. With us both having a fondness of football it makes it easier for us to get the players to enjoy the sessions and love the game as much as we do. With fun brings confidence and within a short period of time we will have the most shy of players joining in and having lots of fun.

Make Friends!!!

With over 20+ players attending the camps, players will interact with other players from different age groups and schools. Our second goal is where we work on the social & psychological parts of The FA's Four Corner Model. By putting the players in tasks/games where they will need to discuss the situation and find certain ways of succeeding, they automatically start building relationships with each other. We also believe that if the games are sessions are fun and engaging we will also have 20+ new friends at the end of each camp.

Learn Skills!!!

Our third goal is to offer all the players the option to learn new skills, this is not just football based skills but skills they can use throughout their lives. The sessions will incorporate the six main motor skills of agility, balance, coordination, power, reaction time and speed. These will be adjusted depending on what stage of development the player is at in their lives. Each player will also have the chance to build on communication with working in a team, decision making whilst following instructions, building confidence/self-esteem and many many more......

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